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Concrete Crushing-Dominguez & Sons Trucking, Inc.

Our experts at Dominguez & Sons Trucking, Inc. grind concrete into gravel so it can be reused and recycled. Our demolition specialists tear down structures by using deep-reach excavators with attachments. After the demolition process is completed, we separate the concrete, remove debris, and place it in the area that you indicate, so you can use it for your upcoming projects.

Our specialists take special care and precautions when crushing the concrete, so the quality of the material can be maintained. After the process is done, the remaining gravel-sized pieces produced can used to build:

  • Pipe bedding
  • Leveling
  • Road bases
  • Landscaping and several other applications 

When you recycle concrete you can save time and money. As concrete is a strong, solid, and long lasting material, it is totally worth it to reuse it. Our professionals at Dominguez & Sons Trucking, Inc. offer innovative solutions for your concrete crushing demands. Get in contact with us today to learn more!

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Our mission at Dominguez & Sons Trucking, Inc. is to provide top-quality solutions for all your excavation, demolition, and transportation demands through quality workmanship, responsiveness, and efficiency.

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Our vision at Dominguez & Sons Trucking, Inc. is to become San Jose’s leading trucking, excavation, and demolition service providers by delivering quality and excellence in everything that we offer.

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